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  1. Mike Blonder says:

    Really enjoyed “Josh Whatever”. Hope there’s more to come.

    Demographically, I’m a 63 year old white guy, retired, 60’s guy, former English teacher from Chicago. Read nothing but fiction, especially detective stories, Harry Bosch, Elvis Cole, Jack Reacher Spencer, etc.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. admin says:

    Sorry to be so slow getting back to you, Mike. Looks like we share more than a name. I’m 62, and really like all the guys you mentioned. I’m reading THE RAGE, by Kerrigan right now and really getting into it.
    Keep an eye out. I’ve got a short story collection coming up on Amazon in February featuring 4 Josh stories as well as a bunch of beach stories. Additionally, EQMM has bought a story about Josh as a young man.

  3. Ann Moses says:

    Hi Michael – Loved the two books of your that I have found at the library… hope you will continue writing. The characters you create are fun, funny and well rounded enough to care about. Loved the unexpected role of the skinny girl in Josh Whoever.

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